Summit Says “Why Not,” Reaches for the Stars With ‘Breaking Dawn’ Director Picks

No question, the Twilight Saga movie series has taken a big, bloody bite out of the box office. And for Breaking Dawn, the final installment (or is that installments?) of the series, Summit Entertainment appears to be aiming for critical acclaim as well.

The hunt is currently on for a director to handle helming duties for Breaking Dawn, and according to, Summit is going big with its list of candidates. How big? Oscars big. The heavy hitters being approached about the project include such Oscars nominees and winners as Milk director Gus Van Sant (a favorite candidate of series star Robert Pattinson), Lost in Translation director Sofia Coppola and Dreamgirls helmsman Bill Condon.

Why not throw Steven Spielberg into the mix while you’re at it, Summit?

The pool of directorial candidates was recently reduced by one when Chris Weitz, who handled directing duties for Twilight sequel New Moon, announced that he wouldn’t be pursuing the Breaking Dawn directing gig.

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