After Dumping Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez Falls Into The Arms Of Another Rock Star (PHOTOS)

Rumors of Selena Gomez and on-again off-again boyfriend Nick Jonas splitting were surfacing earlier this month and now it looks like Selena found a new rock star to help ease the pain of her broken heart.

Selena has been tweeting about hanging out with Cameron Quiseng of the Disney-approved rock band Allstar Weekend (the group is currently recording an album on Hollywood Records, the Disney-owned label that puts out albums for all the Disney stars) and, judging by the twitpics and snaps of the two hugging and leaving a bowling alley together, these two look like they might be more than just friends. Not that the two would ever admit it (Selena and Nick Jonas never publicly admitted they were dating) but we still think we see a glimmer of puppy love in these two moppets’ eyes. Think Nick Jonas is missing Selena now that he is sees her moving on with a new man?

Click here to see more photos of the hugging couple’s and their photos from Twitter.