Gabourey Sidibe Wants To Lose Weight, Might Have Something To Do With Everyone Criticizing Her Body

The mother of Precious star Gabourey Sidibe reveals that her daughter wants to lose weight, but also knows that a big reason she got her star-making role in Precious is because she is overweight. With critics like Howard Stern publicly mocking Sidibe for having an “unhealthy” body, it is no wonder that the young Sidibe would start to feel uncomfortable in her bigger body. However, Sidibe’s mother says that just because her daughter is fat it doesn’t mean that she is necessarily unhealthy (or at least no less healthy than all those actresses in Hollywood who eat less than 300 calories a day to stay rail-thin). Sidibe’s mom reveals that heftiness runs in the family and that fatness “works in different ways for different folks.”

In true adorable, supportive mom fashion, Sidibe’s mother says that she will always be proud of her daughter no matter what and that there are “different acting roles [out there] for all sorts of people.” Sure, Sidibe may not be taking over roles for Jessica Alba, but she does already have an Oscar nomination under her belt.