Jennifer Love Hewitt And Her Vajazzled Lady Parts Are On A Desperate Hunt For A Man

Jennifer Love Hewitt, she of the vajazzled va-jay-jay, says that she doesn’t like being single. Well, who does outside of fashionable thirtysomething female characters on HBO shows?

Jennifer, 31, recently split with her long-term boyfriend Jamie Kennedy and is now writing a self-help book for women about relationships. The actress says that she is a “relationship kind of girl” who doesn’t like to “go out to clubs and party.” Jennifer says she is on a serious hunt for Mr. Right and that she wants “to be an independent woman who falls in love, finds a great partner for her lifetime, has kids and does all that.”

Let’s see: she is writing a book about relationships, talks openly about playing arts ‘n’ crafts with her lady bits and can’t stop talking about how much she wants a boyfriend…

Let’s form an orderly line, fellas.