Madonna Recognizes That Lindsay Lohan Is A Loser, Bans Her From Hanging Around Boy Toy (PHOTOS)

Madonna wouldn’t be Madonna if she wasn’t one smart cookie and the other night Madge exhibited her penchant for making smart, well-informed decisions when she banned Lindsay Lohan from hanging around her boy toy, Jesus Luz. It seems Lindsay Lohan got wind that Luz would be hosting a party at a posh nightclub in Paris (along with Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz) and for whatever reason decided it would be a good idea for her to weasel her way into Luz’s  gig. Fortunately, Madonna keeps her man under lock-and-key and banned Lohan from appearing at the club as soon as she heard about the milkaholic’s plans. Jesus didn’t put up a fuss because he is a good little boy who would never want to upset Mistress Madonna and also because he heard you can catch narcissistic paranoia (and also: “career failure,” “pathetic loserdom” and “herpes”) simply by breathing the same air as Lohan. Lindsay had to make do by spending the night in her hotel and Luz went on to host the party, Lohan-free.

Photo Source: Splash News Online/Getty Images