Robert Pattinson Is Driving While Grumpy in Deleted ‘New Moon’ Scene (VIDEO)

Watch out, people; Robert Pattinson is behind the wheel, and he’s angry! Check out the deleted scene from the Twilight sequel New Moon below, in which R-Pattz—in character as the World’s Sexiest Vampire, Edward Cullen—vents his brooding anger while driving along with Kristen Stewart (lovely but guarded as always while portraying Edward’s GF Bella Swan).

So what’s eating at the Pattinson? Mosquitoes again? Naw, he’s bummed that, even though he’s totally in love with his girlfriend, Bella Swan, as a vampire, he’s sometimes filled with the urge to kill her.

Don’t be so tormented, Rob; every relationship, no matter how solid to begin with, eventually reaches that stage.

Dig into the clip and let us know in the comments: Was this clip better left out of New Moon?

Edward – Driving Home
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