Tina Fey Is A Smart Girl Gone Wild In Esquire (PHOTOS)

Tina Fey isn't above letting loose a little bit, or at least that is what it looks like in the pages of this month's Esquire. Inside the magazine photos show Tina wearing tight black dresses and getting into general boozy mischief. Tina called it her "rough night out," but it would probably be considered a normal weekday night of partying, drinking and handcuffing for some members of Young Hollywood. Still, Tina finds a way to blend messy, sexy and funny in one amazing photoshoot.

Click here to see more pics of Tina turning into a party girl for Esquire.



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  • alex

    @lori ur dumb.i dont see what's wrong with this photo. bitch she is young and sexy and she can pose in playboy magazine otherwise she is still hotter that ur fat ass, stop talking hater

  • Caroline

    You are an uptight prude. This is tastefully done to promote her film Date Night. I would be a little concerned if you was half naked but she's not. She a sexy woman who's showing us her sexy side. You can be sexy AND a mother and not be slutty.

  • Lori

    So call me an uptight old prude, but this disappoints me. Tina, you have a toddler; you are smart and successful; aren't you a little too old for this kind of garbage?

  • Alejand&custom_backslash;u044fa Alduenda
    Alejand&custom_backslash;u044fa Alduenda

    me pasa a encantar