Today On The Internet: St. Patricks Day Nightmares

In honor of one of our favorite holidays, we’re presenting you with a St. Patricks Day edition of Today On The Internet. We’ve scoured the net for some awesome Green Goodness to get your party started! Check ‘em out:

  • “The Nightmare Before St. Patricks Day” is scarily accurate. (College Humor)
  • The 8 most evil leprechauns in history. For a fact. (Topless Robot)
  • The only St. Patty’s Day schedule you should be following. (Holy Taco)
  • Bored at work? Have your go at a game or ten of “Irish Rage!” (Newsgrounds)


  • DAILY CUTENESS CHALLENGE: 25 of the cutest St. Patrick’s Day pets!!! If you find anything cuter on the Internet today, post it in the comments. We dare you (Buzzfeed)