BUZZINGS: Rihanna's Body Is Worth More Money Than Your House

BUZZINGS: Rihanna's Body Is Worth More Money Than Your House-photo

Rihanna spends close to $1 million a year to keep her body looking hot. Funny, we spend close to $1 million on Doritos to keep our bodies looking disgusting. (Bossip)

American Idol winner Taylor Hicks gives us a peek into how pathetic life is after Idol by announcing that he would like to date certifiable female douchebag, Kate Gosselin. (Popeater)

• America would rather watch a show about people getting their possessions repossessed on some network we've never heard of than tune into Jessica Simpson's new Vh1 show, The Price of Beauty. Yep, sounds about right. (Dlisted)

• Is there something in the water in Hollywood? Another famous couple (comedian couple Amy Poehler and Will Arnett) has announced that they are pregnant. (HuffPo)

• Hordes of fans, thirsty for the blood of Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, shut down filming of The Tourist in Venice, Italy. (Starpulse)



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  • Micah

    Well that's how celebs are so hot! They have all that $$ ro spend to look that way. Thanks for opening my eyes to soemthign I never knew! Gosh, such a surprise!

  • Cass

    Saw him (Taylor Hicks) on some Fox show the other day and was HOT!

  • twilighthour

    haha funny, I just saw Hicks on a news show couple of days ago and he sure didn't look pathetic to me. I read hes worth several million now and he sure looked like it and busy as all hell. Good looking man.