Explosive Evidence: Did Sandra Bullock Know That Jesse Was Cheating? (VIDEO)

Explosive Evidence: Did Sandra Bullock Know That Jesse Was Cheating? (VIDEO)-photo

Prepare yourselves, conspiracy buffs; you are about to view the most compelling piece of footage since the Zapruder film exposed the truth about President Kennedy's assassination.

Behold the clip below (via BuzzFeed) of Sandra Bullock—whose life has been turned upside-down since allegations of infidelity on her husband Jesse James' part surfaced this week—receiving the Best Actress Oscar at the Academy Awards earlier this month.

It was Bullock's first Oscar, the crowning achievement of a long and successful career. Must've been the happiest night of Sandra's life, right?

But examine the footage closely, in slow-motion, and tell us: Is that the expression of an actress whose highest professional ambition has just been fulfilled? Or the look of a scorned woman being forced to play nice with a spouse who she knows has been two-timing her in the arms of a heavily-inked Skankasaurus?

Perhaps she's not quite the master actress she's made out to be. We're through the looking glass here, people...



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  • Gweb

    Well, if that's not proof, I don't know what is! Well done, Celebuzz! If I ever kill anyone and need a good defense team, I'll hire YOU to represent me!

  • k stew sucks
    k stew sucks

    Jesse James is an idiot and that SLUT he was banging is a whore who has two kids..what a disgrace she is,women now and days have to respect for themselves its pitiful... She came out and now shes known for banging someone elses husband...what a whore... her and her gay ass nazi loving ass.. F*** the nazis!!!!!

  • kel

    "congrats honey u won. that's amazing. o by the way i cheated on u with a tattooed freak." come on people she just one her FIRST oscar, she was trying to be calm. to actors winning an oscars is a big deal (dont see why).

  • Quinn

    To me it looked very controlled but you can see her neck quiver and tears fill her eyes. I think that she was trying not to cry or faint or something and to calmly walk to the stage.

  • tt

    hell if my husband told me he cheated on me and i won an oscar no way in hell would i say a nice thing about him. and cont for a to be with him wk after. i think she was just trying to remain calm about winning her first oscar, she wanted to play her oscar win cool. o by the way if she knew she knew. it's their marriage let them work on it. i wish sandra nothing but best wishes

  • anono

    It's very possible she knew before any of us all heard about it. When she heard her name announced, I thought at the time, that is a strange way to react. She was very controlled. I truly thought it was odd at the time. Thanks for the slow mo p.s. I really liked him on Celebrity Apprentice, guess he's a better actor than her cuz he seemed so cool on that show.