Heidi Montag Has Already Fired Her Psychic Manager. You’d Think He Could Have Predicted This.

Heidi Montag is changing management as rapidly as she’s changing body parts these days.  Barely a week after canning her husband Spencer Pratt as her manager and hiring Malibu-based psychic Aiden Chase to handle her professional affairs, the radically altered Hills blonde has parted ways with Chase.

Oh, noes; who will shepherd Montag along her path to world domination now? And more importantly, how did such a seemingly perfect partnership unravel so rapidly?

According to a source, Chase got a little too greedy, too quickly. Montag was reportedly “horrified” when Chase recently showed up on the set while she filmed her cameo for the upcoming rom-com Just Go With It and “demanded a significant portion of her Hills money.” And she reportedly wasn’t thrilled with the fact that Chase offered his managerial/spiritual services to Montag’s Hills castmate Audrina Patridge either.

Worst of all, since hooking up with Montag, Chase has developed a big head when—duh!—it’s his job to stroke Heidi’s ego:

“The guy thinks he’s famous now—it’s ridiculous. He’s referring to himself as the most famous psychic in the world.”

Perhaps, as his his first order of business as Montag’s manager, he should have looked into the future for his client and told her what a tremendous headache she would turn out to be.

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