Is Kate Winslet’s Break-Up On Account of Love Triangle with ‘Vicky Christina Barcelon’ Actress?

In other celebrity breakup news: rumors are coming up that the reason behind the split between director Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet might be Mendes’ relationship with 27-year-old Vicky Christina Barcelona actress Rebecca Hall. Winslet reportedly became “frustrated” with Mendes’ relationship with Hall, whom he met in 2006 and spent the past year working with for dual theatre productions of The Cherry Orchard and A Winter’s Tale for The Bridge Project. Take note, ladies: if there is one thing that gets the guys going, it’s brainy theatre productions.

Winslet felt that Mendes’ friendship with Hall was going a little too far and was uncomfortable because, as a friend of Winslet’s reported, Hall is “totally Sam’s type–a thespian mix of brains and beauty.” However, a source close to Mendes says that “to insinuate that there is anything further in the friendship is taking it too far.” Leave it to the Brits to make a tawdry divorce scandal sound intellectual.

But don’t blame everything on Hall just yet: A close friend of Winslet’s says that Winslet and Mendes had a tough conversation where Mendes reportedly told her that he can’t be in one relationship for the rest of his life since he didn’t find it “inspiring.” Oh, is that what a marriage is supposed to be about, your need for creative inspiration? Maybe that is just a fancy-pants British way of saying: “Look, I just really want to sleep with this young actress who isn’t you.”