Our World Crumbles With News That Snooki Got In Booze-y Trouble In High School

Snooki, the tiny orange spray-tanned star of Jersey Shore, was charged in 2004 in connection with the tragic death of a high school friend. Not our Snooki!

Michael Truncali was killed when he drove drunk and crashed his car while coming home from a party at Snooki’s house. The police charged the then 16-year-old Snooki with Prohibited Sale of Alcoholic Beverages, because she was apparently charging a fee for people to drink at her mother’s home.

Truncali’s parents apparently believe that Snooki “doesn’t care” about what happened to their son but that they don’t blame her for their son’s death. However, Truncali’s parents believe that someone other than their son is to blame for his tragic death and they hope that by coming forward with Snooki’s past run-in with the law that “the truth” to come out.

Alcohol seems to be more of a harbinger of trouble than of fun for Snooki: she drank too much in the first episode of the Jersey Shore and embarrassed herself in front of her cast mates and famously got punched in the face by a Queens guido after she complained that he was stealing her drinks.