Reese Witherspoon To Star In Romantic Comedy We Feel Like We’ve Seen Before

The always-lovable Reese Witherspoon is set to star in a movie version of the popular blog The Pioneer Woman. While blog-to-movie stories aren’t exactly breaking new ground, the plot for this movie sounds like something we’ve seen before:

City girl wants to take a road trip from LA to Chicago. While making the drive, city girl makes a detour and ends up in Oklahoma where she falls in love with a cowboy and changes her life completely.

Hm, independent but high-maintence city gal gets in touch with herself while spending some time in the country with a down-to-earth and handsome man? Yep, sounds like pretty much every romantic comedy we’ve seen starring a blonde actress over the age of 30 (and let’s not forget Miley Cyrus).

Hoping this movie will be a little bit more interesting than the simple synopsis suggests – maybe they could throw in a stairmaster that is also a time machine?