Will These Pills Give You the Libido Of A Jonas Brother?

Will These Pills Give You the Libido Of A Jonas Brother?-photo

Recently married 22-year-old Kevin Jonas appears (unknowingly, we're sure) with wife Danielle Deleasa in this amazingly hilarious Spanish-language ad for Libidus, a Viagra knockoff of some sort. So for the raw, unbridled sexual prowess of a guy who was still wearing a purity ring mere months ago, this is THE sexual enhancement option for you!

The ad translates to:

"100% aphrodisiacs. If you have problems with your sexual life or if you want to try something new...Stimulate your energy."

So what does the JoBros camp have to say about this?? A spokesperson for Kevin says,

"This ad is not authorized. It is either a fake or an illegal use of our image. We are currently investigating this matter and have referred it to our lawyers for appropriate legal action."

So, important question, would you take a sexual stimulant endorsed by the Jonas Brothers??



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