Britney Spears Sports Shakespearean Bloomers (PHOTOS)

Our favorite renaissance woman, Britney Spears, was spotted out and about in West Hollwood yesterday wearing some seriously throwback shorts. Spears was originally spotted out wearing a sexy pink dress but quickly changed into a pair of Shakespeare-fab bloomers while she was shopping. Don't hate, y'all: if anyone can resurrect fashion trends from 500 years ago, it's Britney.

Click here to see more photos of Britney's shopping trip.



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  • Maeve

    I think she had an "Aunt Flo" surprise and needed a quick change...even celebrities get caught by surprise

  • amy

    what's so special? yeah... it's a tag. what's the big deal?

  • roeschs3

    oh this lady! wil we ever be shocked anymore.