Hugh Jackman: Will Dance For Iced Tea (VIDEO)

Hugh Jackman: Will Dance For Iced Tea (VIDEO)-photo

At this stage of his career, Hugh Jackman doesn't really need to pick up a few extra bucks by shilling for soft drinks, but give the guy a break—maybe he just really like iced tea. And really, any excuse for Hugh to show off his top-notch dance moves is okay with us.

Check out Jackman cutting some serious rug in his foreign-market commercial for Lipton ice tea below. For a clip that's barely a minute long, it's startlingly more entertaining than Australia.



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  • catharine

    This commecial with Hugh is the greatest and shows off his dancing, humor, and is great fun. He looks great in this. Wish it were in the U.S. Hugh needs to be Sexiest Man Alive again for the second time for sure!!!!!

  • JBlover

    best commercial ever!!!

  • sophie1986

    If I weren't married, I'd jump his bones. Hell, I'd jump his bones anyway!