Jesse James Allegedly Had Sex With His Mistress on the Queen Mary, Because That’s the Romantic Way to Cheat

Oh, good; Jesse Jamesalleged mistress, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, has friends, and much like herself, they enjoy blabbing intimate details to the media.

McGee’s pal and former roommate, Lindsay Sinai, has stepped forward to reveal her own juicy tidbits about the rumored affair between the tattoo model and Sandra Bullock’s husband, with the most notable revelation being that the two of them supposedly enjoyed a romantic tryst in the hotel of the famed Queen Mary in Long Beach. Shades of Titanic, anyone? Like, in a really downmarket way?

And because Sinai is such a faithful friend, she goes on to paint McGee as a basically kindhearted soul who was essentially duped into participating in an illicit affair. According to Sinai, McGee was of the opinion that James and Bullock were separated, thanks in no small part to the hedging of the Monster Garage star, who supposedly told McGee that “he couldn’t talk about it and that [Bullock] was living somewhere else. That was a subject that was stayed away from the entire time. There were no specifics.” Sinai continues,

“Their relationship was more like a friendship. Nothing was ever said about a future. Once she did realize [Bullock and James] were together, there was a lot of regret there.”

For something McGee supposedly regrets so much, she seems to be doing an awful lot of blabbing about it this week. Maybe that’s part of some sort of 12-step program for homewreckers?