Jesse James’ Dog Cinnabun Foolishly Returns To Him; Will Sandra Bullock Follow Suit?

Hey, it’s true; a dog really is man’s best friend! Even if the man in question is Jesse James, who’s starting to look more and more like he’s not much of a man at all.

Earlier this week it was reported that James’ beloved pooch Cinnabun had gone missing, in what pretty much everyone assumed was an act of protest over James’ alleged affair with inked-up publicity junkie Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

But as it turns out, Cinnabun was merely taking some time off to mull over the whole issue in her canine mind. Breathe a sigh of relief, people; according to a post on the Web site for James’ West Coast Choppers shop, the pooch has been located, and is currently safe and sound! Check it:

Gave us another scare this week but she’s back.

We rarely go into our storage room in the production building but Cinnabun found her way in somehow. She’s back in the office and in high spirits.

That’s probably because she knows that she can always run away again if the situation gets too tense. Jesse, however? We suspect he’s going to be trapped in the doghouse for a very long time.