Jordin Sparks Chooses Preserving Her Special Lady Gift Over Boyfriend

MediaTakeOut is reporting that American Idol winner and abstinence supporter Jordin Sparks has broken up with her boyfriend Steph Jones. The reason? The website says that Steph allegedly wanted to have sex and Jordin, who famously called teens who don’t wear promise rings “sluts” at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards, just wasn’t havin’ it, so they broke things off.

Now, we’re not claiming to have been members of the Purity Club in high school, but it takes a special strain of stupid to ask one of the most vocal and visible supporters of abstinence to do the horizontal mambo with you. That would be like asking Lady GaGa to perform in jeans and a t-shirt: it’s just not going to happen.

At least Jordin gets to walk away with her dignity while we will always remember Steph Jones as the sex-hungry boy who wore gun holster-inspired man purses.