Kate Moss Invites You To Talk With Drunk Supermodels On Chatroulette

Chatroulette is taking the internet by storm, and not even celebrities are immune to the draw of live-chatting with random people. Reportedly, Kate Moss and boyfriend Jamie Hince are the newest celebrities to admit their love for the online chat site and will even throw parties with their friends where they all have a drink and fire up their MacBook’s webcam.

However, less those dudes who do inappropriate things on Chatroulette think  they’ve been pleasuring themselves while talking to a supermodel, Kate is reportedly never on camera, she just likes the chatting part. Wait until she learns about chatrooms!

Apparently, Jamie Hince loves Chatroulette so much that he wants to make a music video about it (too late, dude). Just remember if you find yourself taking to a group of beautiful, drunk British people, Kate Moss might be just a few feet away.