Ke$ha On The Hunt For Chubby Men, Probably Won't Have To Look That Hard (PHOTOS)

Ke$ha On The Hunt For Chubby Men, Probably Won't Have To Look That Hard (PHOTOS)-photo

We know Ke$ha more for being a sometimes messy party girl with some questionable dental hygiene habits, but for this month's Maxim she decided to take a bath and show off her sexy side. In her interview with Maxim, Ke$ha reveals a penchant for something surprising: chubby, bearded boys who wear glasses.

The pop star said she has a crush on chubby, bearded comedian Zach Galifianakis and that she likes "guys with beards who don't see very well." Her Prince Charming would be "a chubby bearded man with glasses who didn't mind being covered in glitter" but that she has "yet to find such a man." She has yet to find a chubby bearded dude? Maybe she should start looking for a man outside of Hollywood.

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  • Jonathan Doezema
    Jonathan Doezema

    I'm bearded, chubby, and scream into a mic, common bitch her I iz.

  • Aquarius74

    She's got a normal face, just look at her beach photos in Australia. But I have a doubt when I see her in interviews : I don't think she's always clean (and I hope it's just an alcool PB).

  • Milliana Johnson
    Milliana Johnson

    Bangin' body but her FACE dear lord. She looks like those girls who've drank so much their faces have been f-n ruined. Her lopsided snarl and dead-stare eyes. NOT sexy, not cool, just embarrassing.