Michelle Bombshell’s Ex-Husband Says She Might Not Be the Best Mom, Demands Custody of Their Son

When Michelle “Bombshell” McGee started blabbing to the press about her alleged affair with Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James, we doubt she saw this little development coming.

Us Magazine reports that McGee’s ex-husband, Ronald Shane Modica, has filed a court motion in San Diego to obtain temporary and legal custody of the former couple’s five-year-old son, Avery. The request, which Modica filed on Thursday in admitted response to the tabloid firestorm surrounding his ex, reads in part,

“I need protection for my son. If [Michelle] sees Avery, she will bring these curiosity seekers and glory hounds down on herself and Avery, totally confusing and frankly scaring him.”

Modica further alleges that the media spotlight has had averse emotional effects on his son, who becomes upset when it’s time to visit his mother: 

“He fights me violently, and screams, yells, cries and begs not to go.”

Though a judge denied the request on late Friday, the documents shed shocking new light on McGee’s life, at least if Modica’s allegations are to be believed. Among his claims:

  • That McGee has slipped “more into stripping, pills, alcohol” over the years
  • That she stages pornographic performances in her home: “There have been pornographic shoots there and live WEB cam pornographic broadcasts from her home.
  • That McGee’s home is decorated with “coffins in the living room and child block magnets on the refrigerator that spell out ‘White Power.’
  • That McGee “moves around a lot and takes Avery with her without telling me…She has enrolled him in various schools without consulting me.”

Overall, Modica sums up,

“I will not continue to expose him to the kind of life Michelle desires and seeks: full on, pornographic, party all the time.”

Though Modica’s request this week has been denied, a further hearing on custody and visitation is scheduled for May 12.