New Miley Cyrus Stills From 'The Last Song,' Because It's Friday and We Love You (PHOTOS)

Can you think of a better way to wind up the week than a sneak peek at Miley Cyrus' upcoming masterpiece-to-be? We didn't think so.

A slew of new stills from Cyrus' The Last Song—which tears into movie theaters with hurricane force on March 31—have hit the Internet, delivering a multi-faceted look at what Miley hopes will be her breakthrough film. Oh, and there are a few drool-worthy shots of Cyrus' co-star and real-life boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, because every blockbuster needs a little eye candy.

Dive into the photo gallery and let us know in the comments section: Do you think The Last Song will rule at the box office?



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  • Charlott Chesebro
    Charlott Chesebro

    Best job in Orlando for a UCF student is

  • anoniem

    SO WHAT? she is only ugly in this picture, you are ugly all the time.

  • Rpattzlover

    Jonah. His brother in the movie.

  • Rpattzlover

    Liam Hemsworth is Chris Pine's brother.

  • lola

    who is he?

  • blahh

    shes trying so hard to make her lips look plump like angelina jollies. she just looks like an idiot though.

  • vinny

    miley is cute

  • anonimatee

    she is very ugly in this picture!

  • AP

    Does he not look a little like Chris Pine? It confused me for a second there...

  • blockbuster fail
    blockbuster fail

    this movies is gonna suckkk....even the writing n the story is awsome but slutty cyrus's acting is going to kill KILL kill the moviee ...why did nicklos sparks have to put her in it..he was just asking destruction for the moviee...never ever going to go watch this movie..eheww n pluss she looks ugly in all these movie stillss

  • Mileysuxx

    eeewww ugly!

  • andrea

    OMG! ewwwwwww.. i HATE ur outfit!!!!!! And it even looks ungly on u.. fyi

  • Emi

    She's got a weird look on her face, like always

  • tatts09

    that's her bone structure...miley and baboons were made from the same mold

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    I hate the clothes, but she is beautiful :))

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    This is like TOO cute :))

  • Jenny

    I didnt expect to be excited for this but I Honestly dont want to wait any longer for this movie, it looks great and I have heard their is an amazingly emotional ending I CANT WAIT. (I decided not to read the book before the movie because the movie then disappoints, generally)

  • SLUG


  • lol

    canntttt waittttt!!!!

  • Lorena

    I cannot wait for this movie......the book was sooooo good. I am a big fan of miley's work. I could not believe that my favorite author (nicholas sparks) was writing a movie for my favorite celeb (miley cyrus) awesome!!!!!

  • L

    He is so hot!!

  • Halle

    Why does it always look like she's pouting?

  • YEs
    YEs's Miley Cyrus, people!!!!!! Of course this movie will be #1! If for nothing else, because she is in it.. the book was SO amazing, and the movie will be, too! And you know what's funny? Even the haters are gonna go watch it, just so they can bash her on her performance. What they will really be doing is making it more popular! So....thanks in advance, haters!

  • Obviously

    This movie has been highly anticipated. Obviously it's going to rule the box office. They have promoted it really well, it's Nicholas Sparks and, let's face it, it's Miley Cyrus. Like it or not, whatever she touches turns to gold. She's not the teen queen for nothin'. There have been soooooo many stories on this girl, and how inappropriate or whatever she is... she still sells....a lot. So yeah, the movie will prob be a big hit.

  • queen

    neck rolls!