‘The Bounty Hunter’ Invites You to Share Your Revenge Fantasies

As everyone knows, revenge is a dish that’s best served hilariously. Such as in The Bounty Hunter (in theaters March 19), which stars Gerard Butler as, yep, a bounty hunter who’s tasked with tracking down and taking in his ex-wife (Jennifer Aniston). Nice work if you can get it, huh? (Check out the movie’s official Web site here.)

But all this talk of vengeance got us to wondering: What about you? Do you have a former flame that you’d like to get back at? Rather than do something that’s likely to get you on next week’s episode of Cops, we’re inviting you to get your revenge right here, in a totally legal fashion. Take the poll below and let us know: How would you get back at an ex?

  • Lose ten pounds
  • Like their single status on Facebook
  • Date their friends
  • Make out with their BFF