Whoops: Jesse James Cheated On Sandra Bullock With A Neo-Nazi (PHOTOS)

Just in case you were completely delusional and thought that Jesse James’ mistress, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, was perhaps a good girl behind all those tattoos and Sandra Bullock husband-stealing, TMZ dug up some photos of Ms. McGee dressed up as a neo-Nazi pinup.

McGee’s love for the Third Reich doesn’t just stop at half-naked photoshoots: she reportedly has a “w” and a “p” tattooed on either leg to represent “White Power” and according to child custody documents filed by McGee’s ex-husband in January, she has a nasty habit of “making the Nazi salute” and would spell out “White Power” with fridge magnets in their home. Classy!

The fun doesn’t just stop with McGee’s racist antics, McGee’s ex-husband says that she used their child’s name as a stage name for stripping and would sleep with gang members (not to mention men married to Oscar-winning actresses). Doesn’t McGee sound like a real gem of a girl? And by “gem” we mean “monster.”