The Best Actress Oscar Curse: Fact Or Fiction? (PHOTOS)

Oscar-winning actresses Sandra Bullock and Kate Winslet are currently in the news for their crumbling marriages and it has brought back talk of the rumored “Oscar Curse.” It goes like this: when a female actress wins an Oscar, her marriage or relationship will fall apart within the next few years. The Curse is infamous around Hollywood and is almost as feared by actresses as visible signs of premature aging.

Reasons for the splits vary: from the male significant other’s jealousy (we’re looking at you, Ryan Phillipe) to simply growing apart. We weren’t sure if we believe that the Oscar Curse is really true, but there are a surprising number of famous Oscar-winning women whose relationships broke up in the wake of their Oscar win. Spooky.

Click through our gallery to see the most recent victims of the Oscar Curse.