BUZZINGS: Chris Evans Vanquishes His Acting Foes to Become the New Captain America

BUZZINGS: Chris Evans Vanquishes His Acting Foes to Become the New Captain America-photo


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  • dana

    Chris Evans is perfect for this. He's hot and has that whole super hero thing down pact

  • NotInterested

    I can't see any of those wussies playing Captain America. I agree with ChristoCoop, Mark Valley would be great for the role.

  • Tormented guy
    Tormented guy

    I really hate Chris Evans, he’s talentless and boastful that’s way I don’t want him to succeed that’s why I hope The First Avenger: Captain America will be a box-office flop; it’s likely to happen ‘cause ofcourse they pick a wrong actor!! By the way I personally think Chace Crawford should have been chosen!!

  • CeeDee

    FOOOOOOOOOOOOLS Channing Tatum would have been a way better choice especially after Dear John blew avatar out of the water on it's opening day this movie could have been a blockbuster now it's a not even interesting straight to dvd flop Hollywood made a big mistake

  • ChristoCoop

    AWFUL CASTING and pure lazyness for recycling a marvel actor. I will not see this or the other 9 movies they got him in because Hollywood hates comic book fans and do not respect the characters they love. And would they need to reboot the Fantastic 4 franchise if it was actually good??? NO they wouldn't, it sucked. So why cast someone who was responsible with the destruction of one franchise to take part in another, none the least 9 more movies. Wake me up in 2025 when they reboot the franchise again because this one sucked. MARK VALLEY FOR CAPTAIN AMERICA DANGIT!!!!

  • GodDamnTheNewCaptainAmerica

    im so pissed right now, they couldnt pick a better actor!!