BUZZINGS: Isla Fisher And Sacha Baron Cohen Force Us To Remember ‘Borat’ Quotes After Marriage Announcement

Isla Fisher and Borat’s Sacha Baron Cohen tied to knot in Paris a week ago in a low-key wedding. Yes, we know you are expecting some Borat quote to commemorate this sweet event: Wawaweewa! There, are you happy? (Popeater)

Anne Hathaway is reportedly receiving lovey-dovey prison letters from her jailed con man ex, Italian businessman Raffello Follieri. That’s the trouble with jailed Italian con men ex-boyfriends: they can’t take a hint that things are over. (Starpulse)

• Hey everyone! Ja Rule has popped his head out of 2002 to let us all know that he is still alive/has a new song he wants us to listen to. Anyone care to listen? Wait, let’s rephrase that: anyone remember Ja Rule? (Bossip)

• Speaking of the early aughts: former That ’70s Show star Danny Masterson is getting sued by some supposedly real bank called “TomatoBank” for failing to pay back a loan of over $2 million that he took out for some home renovations. (Limelife)

• Is Reese Witherspoon dating her agent, Jim Toth? The pair were spotted on a weekend getaway holding hands, which is the Hollywood equivalent of changing your Facebook status to “In a Relationship.” (HuffPo)