Conan O’Brien Tweets About Justin Bieber, The Internet Explodes

Bieber Fever has hit hard over the past few weeks. And with Justin Bieber’s second album My World 2.0 dropping in less than 24 hours, it’s just gonna get worse, people. Even former late night talk show host Conan O’Brien is acknowledging the severity of Baby Biebs in pop culture and has declared him his Twitter nemesis.

Conan began tweeting not-so-innocently about Biebs over the weekend, saying,

“Sweet victory! I’m now trending higher than my twitter nemesis, Justin Bieber. Who’s the tween heartthrob now?”

“I just learned that retweets of my Bieber tweet mentioning Bieber actually help Bieber. Bieber, you’re a worthy foe. Bieber.”

Unfortunately, Conan hadn’t completely thought through his plan. But that didn’t stop him from tweeting even MORE about Biebs. (Who can blame him?) Today he continued,

“As Bieber sleeps, I grow stronger. Sleep, Bieber. Sleep.”

“Damn! Bieber revealed that I’m opening for him with a Whitney medley. It was supposed to be a surprise. Advantage: Bieber.”

Well, we all know who’s winning on Twitter currently—Bieber, clearly. The teen heartthrob has 1,506,186 followers, while O’Brien only has 715,500 followers.

So, we need to know your opinion: Who would win in a fight, Bieber or Conan?