Does Jesse James Have More Neo-Nazi Connections Than Mistresses?

Does Jesse James Have More Neo-Nazi Connections Than Mistresses?-photo

We all know that Jesse James' mistress, that Tatt'd Skeletor Michelle McGee, has some Neo-Nazi tendencies but could it be possible that James is also a white supremacist?

Rumors are floating around that James has several links to the white supremacist community: his ex-wife, porn star Janine Lindemulder, is reportedly married to "an admitted skinhead" and his West Coast Choppers logo pretty blatantly borrows from the German cross, a symbol often used in Nazi culture.

TMZ also claims to be negotiating the sale of a photo of James dressed up in Nazi garb and doing a salute. The source of the photo claims that it was taken two years ago, while he was still married to Sandra Bullock.

If the allegations that James is a white supremacist are true the real question is how much Sandra knew. Who would have guessed that Sandra Bullock of all people would get messed up with this trashy group of racist and tattooed Crypt-keepers?



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  • Drake

    Who cares? Do people care if an actor or other entertainer has ties to the terrorist state of Israel? Back off thought police!

  • B

    it's really unlikely for a wife to be ignorant of her husbands thoughts and opinions on a matter such as this. so I hope this is a load of bs. if not, sandra's image is completely shattered.