Heidi Montag’s Breasts Are Bumping Up Against The Legal Limit

Heidi Montag packed up her breasts and took them to The Tonight Show on Friday where they got more than alittle attention from host Jay Leno.

The two had a chat about her plastic surgery hobby and she mentioned that her boobs are rubbing right up to the legal limit on breast implants. The legal limit, says Montag, is 800cc and she currently has 700cc. That’s a lot of silicone!

But, wait, why is the government putting restrictions on our reality television starlets and limiting their freedoms with plastic surgery laws? Is this the way we live now, in Obama’s America? A fame-hungry woman can’t even get a grotesquely and unsafely large set of tetas strapped onto her bony torso without Big Government stepping in and telling her that enough is enough? So much for a woman’s choice!

Heidi Montag needs to step up and become the face of this injustice that has been served to young woman all over Hollywood. What’s next, limiting the amount of peroxide one can use in their hair?

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