Ke$ha Disses Britney Spears, Immediately Backpedals

A reportedly “new song” by soggy glitter bomb, Ke$ha, was unofficially released on YouTube today. The song is grabbing attention because the lyrics directly attack Britney Spears.

In the song “Styrofoam,” Ke$ha sings: “In ten years/ Britney Spears/ Britney…who?” Because, you know, it isn’t like Britney has been making music for the past 12 years.

The song caused an outrage and Ke$ha went on immediate damage control, giving an interview to So You Think You Can Dance (the first place stars turn to clear their name), saying that she didn’t write the song, that it was recorded when she was 15 (in 2003) and that she chose not to include it on her Animal record because she has “mad respect” for Britney.

However, a few things don’t add up about Ke$ha’s excuses for the song. For one thing, the “Styrofoam” song talks about sleeping with guys, smoking cigarettes, partying and getting tattoos–not exactly the type of subject matter a 15-year-old would sing about, even with Ke$ha’s “bad ass” posturing.

Ke$ha has a couple major reasons to backpedal but the biggest one may be that she sang back-up vocals on Britney Spears’ song “Lace and Leather.” Oops!

Watch the two videos below and decide for yourself if Ke$ha is telling the truth:


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