Mila Kunis Somehow Makes Even Laundry Seem Sexy (PHOTOS)

But does she iron too? Forgetting Sarah Marshall actress Mila Kunis pretties up the latest issue of esteemed men’s publication GQ, demonstrating that household chores are always made less tedious by the presence of a half-dressed beauty.

But Kunis airs out more than her laundry in the magazine; she also holds forth on a number of topics—such as her sense of humor, which we’re just gonna present without comment below:

“I love a good d*ck joke. Fart jokes. Poop jokes. They’re hilarious. They never get old. But especially not a d*ck joke.”

A refreshing perspective, but you now what’s not even funny? How hot Mila is in her QG photo-spread. Don’t believe us? Feel free to click through our photo gallery to confirm for yourselves.

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