Miley Cyrus Goes Ginger (PHOTOS)

Ooh-la-la!! Check out Miss Miley Cyrus' new, dark red hair! We're not gonna lie guys, we love it! She looks fresh and totally her age (for once). Yes, that's one hot ginge. The Last Song actress was spotted showing off her new locks in NYC this morning as she arrived at Good Morning America.

Check out all the new pics of Miley in our new gallery. Do you like her revamped hair?



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  • TheModernRedhead

    disgrace to gingers everywhere!!!! thank you! it is a disgrace.

  • Katie

    Her hair colour is gorgeous!

  • Tanvi Jain
    Tanvi Jain

    r u color blind! im a hairdresser and THAT is NOT ginger! its auburn. enough with the hate people. it seems ginger actually not auburn i saw pics of both hair colors on google

  • mrs.skittels

    adore her !

  • vebi

    man so beautiful

  • Genesis


  • yoyoyo

    yeah they are extensions.

  • lolo

    it looks nice

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    cuuuuuuuuuutiieee :))

  • ruheen

    thats not nice is it well its up to her if she wonts it like that people love her for how she is not the way that she looks get it in your head girl.

  • Red Not Brown
    Red Not Brown

    i also like her hair.

  • Red Not Brown
    Red Not Brown

    are you guys color blind!! her hair is not even red at all.its brown!its not a big surprise.u guys are like" OMG her hair is red its toally fits her!!"she died her hairr black before and you didn't make a big deal and then when she "goes ginger" you guys are freaking out like the queen!I DO NOT hate her i know for sure her hair isn't red!!

  • jen

    I absolutely love her! xx

  • dreameer

    she looks soooo pretty!! [: stop hating you jelous ppl!

  • bailee

    she looks gorgeouss!! miley is always gonna be gorgeouss, with any hair colorr!! I LOVE HERRR!!!:DD

  • PanaWana González
    PanaWana González

    i like the colour (:

  • camila

    i'm not a fan of hers, but she looks good with ginger hair. i mean non-offensively.

  • liz

    I think it suits her. Brown, red, and blonde suits her. Black looks horrible no her and washes her out.

  • =

    she looks realy good =) and so soes her new movie . im checking it out .

  • Emma

    im ginger! and honestly i dont think thats ginger! maybe the roots a little bit but thats it!!

  • bert

    r u colur blind! im a hairdresser and THAT is NOT ginger! its auburn. enough with the hate people. Maybe they mean Ginger Grant as in Tina Louise from Gilligan's Island fame.

  • e

    hey just relized that she is wearing a dog tag wondered if its the same one nick gave her or not??

  • sweet girl
    sweet girl

    she is so ugly, i don't like her, because she's look like a horse with her teeth

  • DarnYa'll>_>

    sh*t. a lot of people of people have the last name fraser. ^-^ Nvm, bye. lol,

  • AlexandraFraser

    O.o... you can see her bra. Wow, I kinda regret clicking this DX

  • moni

    You people have issues. You just hate the fact that she can pull so many things off. She looks great admit it!!!!!

  • Guest

    id still f*ck her face off

  • graciela

    gorgeous ! i wanna be just like heeer !

  • Graciela

    she looks absolutly gorgeouss ! i loove mileey ! shes my role model ! :) :) :) i love you mileey !

  • Hazem Hosny
    Hazem Hosny

    very lovely

  • H H
    H H

    Miley Cyrus Goes Ginger

  • Jenny

    does she have hair extensions? Yeah

  • d

    does she have hair extensions?

  • Jade Sophie Chadwick
    Jade Sophie Chadwick

    i really like it

  • Reyna Ramirez
    Reyna Ramirez

    Damn Miley you are so cute!

  • annnonimatee

    she is like a big toad

  • kysmelly

    It looks good on her.

  • Miley

    cool thats her mom names after her

  • dkajdlsk

    it looks good! hate her but love the new hair

  • dkajdlsk

    it looks good! hate her but love the new hair

  • smacky35

    She is the only person who can pull off red hair. Although her hair has always been slightly red. Though I prolly like it because she isn't a full ginger. She's just a daywalker.

  • geevee

    isnt miley wearing nicks necklace in that photo? the dog tag one?

  • Beth

    1st: its auburn NOT ginger 2nd: i love it, it realy suits her

  • Tee Rav
    Tee Rav

    does socialized healthcare not apply to those with no soul? perhaps I should go ginger too

  • Christisking

    She actually looks rather decent. So? Miley? Who cares, she's a little disney princessa. I wanna see some GROWN UP ACTING out of this kid, then, maybe I'll take her seriously. Maybe.

  • danishgirl

    I love it :D

  • june

    disgrace to gingers everywhere!!!!

  • germanxxannie

    I often think that her hair colour looks a little red. It's alright, but I like the natural brown hair better

  • hullu

    That woman behind her looks like Susan Boyle. :DDD

  • lillypop

    she's soo beautiful

  • sophie1986

    She's the devil. Don't look in her eyes, she might steal your soul.

  • noah

    Miley better be careful... at this rate, she's going to have full blown Gingervitis in a few weeks.

  • DarkSock's Mangravy
    DarkSock's Mangravy

    This is an important day for all Americans. On the day that health care will be provided for ALL people, Miley Cyrus has thwared FLYTEETH and provided the most important announcement in the history of mankind. In summary, I peed in a horse once.

  • obsessed

    she went from blonde to brown to black to dark brown to brown again.... and now whatever this reddish color is, meh looks okay i guess..

  • star

    r u colur blind! im a hairdresser and THAT is NOT ginger! its auburn. enough with the hate people.