OMG: ‘Glee’ Could Be Coming To Broadway!

Glee is a musical TV show that stars seasoned young Broadway actors and actresses, so it only seems natural that the TV show would make the transition to the Broadway stage.

Music Theatre International–the company behind the Broadway musicals Legally Blonde, Hairspray and Fiddler on the Roof–is reportedly in talks with the people behind Glee about bringing the show to the stage.

 We’re sure that any theatre where the Glee cast will be performing will be filled to the rafters with excited, hyperventilating Gleeks, so it only seems natural that the people behind Glee would want to cash in on their probably musical theatre-loving fan base.

Even though the two parties are still in the “just friends” phase, we have no problem whipping the Glee fans into a frenzy. Aren’t you excited Gleeks? Glee musical! GLEE! MUSICAL!

Don’t worry, Gleeks, you can still catch the stage-version of Glee this year as they take their show on the road during the show’s hiatus.

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