Reese Witherspoon Spotted On A Date With Agent, Maybe Now She'll Land Better Movie Roles (PHOTOS)

Rumors that Reese Witherspoon is dating agent Jim Toth: confirmed! We know we mentioned this earlier today, but the world needs to know that Reese has a new boyfriend. The pair were spotted spending the weekend in Ojai, California, right before Reese's 34th birthday (which is today, Happy Birthday Reese!). The couple were seen wearing college baseball caps, Reese was wearing a Stanford hat and Jim was sporting a Loyola Maramount University cap. Make of this information what you will!

Click here to see more photos of the two holding hands and hanging out.



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  • disgusted looking man
    disgusted looking man

    he is soooo ugly. i just can't believe her. from perfect RYAN to almost perfect & good w/ her kids, to who is this guy. he looks like a hobo. Reece look in the mirror honey your beautiful. Why dump Jake for this? if you just didn't love him Fine, but damn girl i could get better looking men than this dog. shew ashamed you would even have a pic taken with him in public & show some respect, for jake. i would keep this dude hide from photographers.

  • tinat

    Another fauxmance for Witherspoon? Or is she using CAA personnel for lame photo ops and publicity?