This TV Theme Song Medley Is About to Totally Freak You Out (VIDEO)

Have a deep and abiding love for TV theme songs, but your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to catch all of them in their entirety when they’re on the boob tube? Don’t worry, this dude (yes, dude—singular) has you covered. Or at least he has a bunch of TV theme songs covered.

Behold, Swedish musical sensation Fredrik Larsson performing a guitar-and-keyboard duet of 22 television themes—including those for The Simpsons, That ’70s Show, Malcolm in the Middle and The Office—in just under seven minutes. And no, that’s not Fredrik’s twin brother Tedrik jamming along with him—just the somewhat disconcerting effect of a split screen at work as Larsson, uh, plays with himself. Because, really; twins playing a TV-theme medley would jut be silly.

Click the vid below and prepare to be amazed—or at least thoroughly entertained—for the next 6:58.