Tiger Woods Participates In World’s Most Obvious Interview, Admits He Did Some ‘Pretty Bad Things’ (VIDEO)

Over the weekend, Tiger Woods sat down–er, stood up?–for an interview with ESPN in his first interview since news of his mega sex scandal broke.

In the interview, Woods pretty much reiterated his apology to his wife and the public and admitted that he “did some pretty bad things.” And we know he is not just talking about the sexts.

When the ESPN interviewer pressed Tiger for a hard number on those “transgressions” he has made, Tiger said “one is enough” and that “obviously it was a lot more than that.”

What did the interviewer expect Tiger to say? We know Tiger has at least slept with enough cocktail waitresses to start his own chain of trashy, black-lit lounges across the country, that is more than enough to know that Tiger has been a bad boy. We don’t think that even Tiger knows the exact number of peroxide’d women he called his “whores that [he] owns.”

Tiger also admitted that he was in treatment for something super secret and that he had become someone he “never thought [he] would become” because he got away from his Buddhist faith and had stopped meditating (because quitting meditation was the biggest mistake he has made so far).

Watch the video below:

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