Tila Tequila Wants to Sell You Her Junk — No, Not THAT Junk (PHOTOS)

In the market for a few used items previously owned by America’s reigning queen of self-promotion? Then Tila Tequila’s Los Angeles home was the place to be this weekend.

In an effort to raise funds for the Russian baby that she swears, totally, 100-percent she’s adopting, the former A Shot at Love star held a garage sale at her place on Saturday. And because we’re at such an awesome place in our society right now, a crowd of peple actually showed up to pick through her belongings.

We can only imagine that Tila’s sense of decency went for a song—and it’s barely used, too!

Click through the photo gallery to be dazzled by the grand spectacle of Tila Tequila’s garage sale.

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