BUZZINGS: Justin Bieber Disses Mariah Carey in an Effort to Seem Less Than Angelic

  • Justin Bieber says he wouldn’t collaborate with Mariah Carey because she’s just not what she used to be. Nick Cannon is dispatched on an emergency Kleenex and Haagen Dazs run. (Hollywood Life)
  • Sharon Osbourne wants to see Jesse James castrated. Not because of the affair or anything, that’s just her general philosophy on men. (Starpulse)
  • Audrina Patridge’s alleged stalker might be mentally unstable. *Sigh*; you just can’t find quality predators these days… (Parade)
  • Amanda Seyfried says she’s fine with her naked body being up on the big screen. Okay, so it’s unanimous then! (Wonderwall)
  • Amy Winehouse has a pet name for her lady-bits, and surprisingly it’s not “Cujo.” (Huffington Post)