BUZZINGS: Michael Jackson’s Doctor Reportedly Halted CPR To Hide Drugs, Because That’s What Good Doctors Do

Michael Jacksons doctor, Conrad Murray, reportedly stopped in the middle of performing CPR on the dying star and delayed calling paramedics so he could hide drugs. Investigators are considering charging Murray with involuntary manslaughter. Yep, this dude is going to jail. (HuffPo)

Hayden Panettiere was reportedly a drunken, sobbing mess at a recent Hollywood party. After her boobs fell out of her dress, Hayden’s friends picked up the tiny actress, but her in their purses and took her home. (Limelife)

• One-hit-wonder India.Arie sounds off on Lady GaGa on Twitter, saying her “Telephone” video has “a dark side” and isn’t socially responsible. And now the world can sleep well at night knowing how India.Arie feels about Lady GaGa. (Bossip)

• The husband of Brittany Murphy, Simon Monjack, gave a classy and 100% appropriate tour of where Murphy collapsed in their home. Afterwards he drove the death tour group to Murphy’s grave, dug her up and let people touch her body for $5. (The Superficial)

• For her debut on Dancing With The Stars, Kate Gosselin shimmied into her prettiest cotton candy dress and swung around in circles like a robot doll on the “It’s A Small World” ride at Disneyland. She finished in the bottom three. (Popeater)