Can Lindsay Lohan Destroy Ed Hardy Once And For All?

Lindsay Lohan and the Ed Hardy brand: Has there been a more sublime combination since chocolate and peanut butter were first mixed together? The part-time actress/full-time tabloid fixation has reportedly struck up a deal to design a line of handbags for Christian Audigier’s fashion line, and like everything else in LiLo’s life, she’s totally throwing herself into like it was 2-for-1 Happy Hour at the local dive bar: 

“As of last week, there are three collections in development and numerous more are expected…Lindsay is very directly involved with the project, and she’s always pulling things online and from magazines for ideas.”

Uh, isn’t that commonly known as ripping off other people’s work? No matter; with the less-than-stellar results of Lindsay’s recent forays into the fashion world, chances are this latest venture will result in bringing the Ed Hardy empire down altogether. Which, depending on how much of an affinity you feel for the Jersey Shore cast, may be a good or bad thing.

We knew that Jon Gosselin would eventually get his revenge somehow…