Courtney Love Is Confused By This Whole Facebook Thing

Poor Courtney Love. The loopy rock star is having trouble keeping up with the kids and their Facebooks and  Myspaces and Twitroulettes, and what not. The internet can be a strange place if you aren’t accustomed to it and apparently, Love is very confused.

Love reportedly posted a public and “rambling” early morning message on United Entertainment founder Jason Weinberg’s Facebook page and included her cell phone number for all of Jason’s friends to see. The message said:

I’m in Austin and I’m the queen of it (Google me) I just left a message for [CAA honcho Bryan Lourd]. I can’t do this full time…Call me. I hope to God you’re in NYC tomorrow [her number]. Love you and see you on set.

Love appears to have left the comment in SXSW after her successful reunion on stage with her band Hole. We’re not sure what the “on set” part is a reference to, maybe a music video?

Either way, we hope that Love has learned a valuable lesson about how to use Facebook.