Giveaway: Win an Autographed 'New Moon' Wolf Pack Poster!

Giveaway: Win an Autographed 'New Moon' Wolf Pack Poster!-photo

If you're anything like us, you've probably already worn out your third copy of the New Moon DVD since it went on sale this weekend. But don't worry; we have something that'll keep you howling with New Moon fever.

Celebuzz is giving away five AUTOGRAPHED posters of the New Moon wolf pack, along with a fresh new copy of the DVD, so you can be the envy of all your friends and cover your wall with sweet lycanthropic glory!

How to enter:

Just hit up the comments section and tell us which member of the wolf pack is your favorite, and why. Whoever provides our favorite five responses will win a poster.

Important: If you're not already a Celebuzz member, be sure to enter a valid email address when commenting so we can contact you if you win. You can also comment using Facebook Connect.

Deadline for entry is 11:59 p.m. on Friday, March 26. Good luck!



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  • lauren

    my favourite wolf in the pack is fit Jacob because he has an amazing body and is a life-saver to bella. Although he is enemies with Edward, he's the one for me. If I was Bella, I would go for Jacob, because hot means safe, and with a strong body like that, wolves will defeat vampires!

  • melissa

    I love the wolf pack, all of them are my favorite! so sexy

  • Kayla

    Jacob Jacob Jacon!!!! I Love him with all of my hearT!

  • abigailjune

    as tough as this is for a vampire girl to admit, i have a soft spot for Seth. That's S-E-T-H *space* C-L-E-A-R-W-A-T-E-R. Why is he my favorite? Well, besides the obvious--he isn't JacobfreakingBlack-- I feel like i personally can relate to him in a weird round-a-bout sort of way. I mean, Seth is a short fella. He and i both are the shrimpos who have to deal with the tormenting. Yeah, he's a werewolf who grows freakishly large, BUT he's the baby so he's the smallest. I also love how he has a great competitive drive. Even though he may not be the biggest wolf of them all, he is the fiercest. One of my favorite wolfie moments is when he rips a bad vampire apart and then he's walking around all smug. So yeah. Seth is just a cutie and he's the youngest. And plus his attitude is great. He's the best because he can rise above anything that is bringing everyone else down and make a positive out of pretty much any negative. I guess that comes naturally to anyone who doesn't want to turn out like their bi*ch-tastic sister Leah.... hmm... Lets just put it this way: if you're not Team Seth, you are a fool. period.

  • eclipsejacob

    My favorit charater is Embre he is so charming!,but i got to edmit i love jake and paul as well! there all so beautifull! Twilight has rilly changed my life the first time i read one of the books i didn't put it down my sisster was reading the same book and we had a race to see who got done first and i've read the saga's 2 time sence x-mas and she is still on eclipse she just gave up ! but jacob i rilly have got to know so my last desion has to be jacob i love him he is my little wolf,lets just say huge wolf !

  • Beth

    My favorite wolf is Jacob. He has love for Bella and would do anything to keep her safe. That's a gentleman in true form. Taylor Lautner plays the role flawlessly and of course is so sexy.

  • Caroline

    Sam has to be the best! He is the big brother--he'll do anything to protect his brothers! And his love for Emily is inspiring!

  • Ana

    All the wolf pack is amazing in their own way. Jacob: Of course is just this really amazing guy who can be anyones best friend. He has a good heart and incredible sense of humor. He's also very CUTE AND SEXY! Sam: He's the leader, so brave and honorable. He went through so much, so valiently on his own. He's also HOT! Paul: He's so hot headed, it'd be so cool to have him as a friend and protecter. SO SO SMOKIN'! Seth: Ah, cute kid! Lovable. Jared and Embry: They crack me up, add to the overall sense of humor of the amazing wolf pack. HOWEVER, my favorite is Leah Clearwater. She is soo amazing, strong, and admirable. Being the only female wolf she has had to go through unheard of changes. Also, she faced a terrible heartbreak yet found the strength to be cunning and witty. She's amazing, I love her. I love her and Jacob together so much more too! Well, thanks for reading this looong comment haha. Bye bye!

  • kellerslv

    Why would you even have to ask?

  • Jen Hamm
    Jen Hamm

    I love them all because honestly if we didn't have the wolf pack the saga would not have been nearly as interesting.

  • luckyred

    so i would so have to pick team jacob - beacuse even tho bella doesn't pick him; his character has such a big heart and he really pushes you to believe that love is blind and honest: which is jacob= love blind with a vampire-girl. his love story is what true life is about= you dont' always get the girl.

  • amber

    team paul baby cuz id love to tear his clothes off with my teeth and dip him in chocolate; lick him like ice cream. oh what a tasty tread he'd be...i'd be begging for seconds & thirds and so on ;P

  • Kristin

    My favorite has to be Sam =) He's really the cutest one there, and he and Emily are the sweetest. Sam's character in the books was very complex even though he played such a small character. I think Sam always wanted the best for his pack, but with also keeping his priorities straight. And in my opinion, Chaske Spencer played him very well. :) He's also my favorite because of the way he can handle situations so easily, but I think that also comes with a lot of restraint, knowing what happened with Emily. Under any circumstances, he played an amazing role and I can't wait for eclipse to see him again :D I also don't mind Jacob or Paul, they're really cute.

  • Nandy

    honestly my favorite is sam because he shows such love for his girlfriend. plus he's so masculine! also because he was the first to turn into a wolf, so he had to go through everything without any help. (shows me that he's strong and a great leader)

  • Rachel Ramey
    Rachel Ramey

    I would definitely say Paul. Although homeboy has some serious anger issues, that smile just makes me melt. Sorry Jacob, you're still a little too young for this cougar of 19 years. :)

  • Rosie Underhill
    Rosie Underhill

    I'm gonna have to say Seth as he hadn't even been with the wolf pack long before he risked his life by killing Riley (with Edward's help) as Edward was his mate so I'm gonna have to say Seth as he would do anything for a mate.

  • kennedyleiigh

    My Favee, Has to Be the adorable JACOB. because he is always thinking of other and he is soo kind and loving and waaaaaay FIIT !! Teeam Jacob.

  • anthoula

    For me my fav is absolutely Paul/Alex Meraz because he really stands out from the rest in the pack he is dynamic fun and goes head to head with Bella and he confronts her at the scene in which Jake runs and becomes a wolf to fight him!

  • anya

    ... why is everyone saying jacob? (with multiple exclamation marks, mind you) its jared! while paul's in the middle of his vagina-tantrum jareds just in the background making jokes. he's hella funny. the business, some might put it. seth: "come on inside bella, we wont bite" jared: "yeah ... speak for yourself"

  • Stacey

    Paul is my favorite becaue I love that bad boy attitude he has! He lets his anger fly just as well as that adorable grin shines!!!! He is gorgeous!!!

  • carissa

    OMG totally TEAM JACOB!!! hahaha JK JK!! Have you not seen Pauls abs!! I could grate cheese on those things!!! Forget team Edward and Jacob its all about PAUL!! (:

  • prayingthatiwin!:)

    I really would like this signed by Taylor Lautner (aka Jacob)! :) He is my favorite person in this movie and he is my idol. I swear, i REALLY want to grow up to be just like him, and it'd be amazing if I won this!! thanks!!! I will pray for this everynight!!

  • vstyres

    i would say my favourite wolf pack member is... Paul. hes so funny and slightly sarcastic ;) thats awesome. plus as a whole in the movie as well as the book when he's not angry, seems to be a pretty cool guy. and he's not hard to look at!!!;)! pretty much makes me want to switch teams... i talking vampire team to wolf team here people.

  • 6BluePanther

    OMG!! I don't want this, I would actually want to win it for my step-sister. I swear, she is the BIGGEST Twilight Saga fan. If I could get Taylor Lautner to sign this, she would absolutely die!! She LOVES Taylor Lautner, she doesn't just think he's hott like all of the other girls. She knows everything about this guy, and hopes that she'll one day meet him. This would REALLY mean a lot to her and I. Please. Thank you.

  • Gried

    LEAH! Cause a GIRL can rock the "wolf thing", even though she is ANNOYING as hell (in the books). Well, we need some wolf representation in the 'butt-kicking-part'! =) Can't leave it all to the vampire girls! And she had to deal with a lot of crap!! Plus, she's got quite the emotional baggage (don't we all?) and sticks with her brother when things get nasty... I can SO relate to her. TEAM LEAH!

  • Beth

    SETH!!! He's so positive and enthusiastic and doesn't get hung up on the werewolves versus vampires. He makes the series!!

  • Alex

    My favorite wolf character is Seth because he is the only wolf that gets along with my BOO Edward....aaahhh boy I just love me some Twilight

  • Natalie

    I love Alex Meraz (Paul). He played the part so well and acted exactly as the Paul I imagined in my head from reading the book matched Alex on the big screen. Also he's a great dad and who wouldn't love that??

  • lisaa

    Paul. I love his freak out scene, so hot

  • redsoxgirl

    My fave would have to be Paul. He is an saw it with Bella in New Moon as well as the wolf fight with Jacob. Not to mention he's definitely easy on the eyes. Who doesn't love a big bad wolf? ;-)

  • Megan

    Jared is the best in the wolfpack because he is the comic relief of the group. All that tension is great but you got to laugh once and awhile, and thats what he's good for. Plus he's got some great comic timing in New Moon, and you cant beat that.

  • WolfAddict

    Jared!! he may not have the best abs but he is one of the funniest wolves and he seems to be a fun loving guy!

  • KristiJ

    Paul....he's very misunderstood. Before Jacob joined the pack paul was the second in comand. By birth jake was supose to take the alfa lead but turned it down so paul was bumped so that jake could be the "beta". Poor guy, I know there like a pack of brothers but i'd be a lil resentful if i lost my job to a new guy. Plus, besides jake, he's the hottest wolf.

  • damryandev

    I would love to win the autographed poster for my son damien he is 6 and his favorite is jacob but he is a serious fan of the series and his favorite part of the movie is when the wolves phase.he runs around our house saying he can run faster than a vampire...

  • lizbeth

    JACOB Because alot he is the hottes os the Wolf Pack and whe you read the books you can really picture him and what he is saying and doign. love you jake

  • Lauren

    Jared. He's the flabbiest of the werewolves, but that's totally okay with me. :)

  • jdav93

    I am sooooo Team Seth...

  • Mahriah

    Paul....cause hellooooooo?!? Just look at those abs!!! I've met him in person & he is just as hot. It's true about them werewolves, they definitely run at 108.9. Also...have you seen his dance moves? That boy can bend in ways I've only dreamed about!

  • Tasha Lewis
    Tasha Lewis

    My favorite wolf-pack member would have to be Paul! He is so HOT and he is sometimes funny. I loved him in New Moon and hope to see him again in Eclipse!! Though he has a bad temper he is still my favorite wolf!!

  • Ashley

    I'd have to say Sam. His love for his pack and his tribe is sweet; plus what he has with Emily is the cutest! Their love just makes you go 'ahh' and wish imprinting was real. :)

  • Laura

    Paul! Everyone loves a bad boy now and again! ;-)

  • obsessed

    paul is my fav!!! hottest and best looking abs :) i love his personality as described in the book

  • byrd009

    My favorite guy from the wolf pack would have to be Paul. Alex Meraz! I would love to lick whipped cream off of his chest!! Forget Team Edward and Team Jacob! I'm Team Paul!! :) TUMMY!

  • evic

    My favorite character has to be Jacob since he is the only character I really know from the Wolf Pack. I haven't watched any of the movies or know much about it but my wife a big fan keeps telling her friends she is Team Jacob :) so I am guessing he is a good guy and I'd like to win this for her.

  • sophie1986

    I would let them all have their wicked ways with me. I bet they're a beast in the sack.

  • Kaitlyn

    Jacob is my favorite because he has an amazing body and he totally deserves some love!!!