Michelle McGee Thought She Was More Of A Prize Than Sandra Bullock

According to friends of Michelle McGee, Jesse James told his mistress that he and Sandra Bullock were going to announce their divorce after The Blind Side came out and that McGee would officially be his girlfriend. Oh, McGee, you fell for the lamest trick in the book of adultery.

According to one of McGee’s gal pals, James told McGee that he and Sandra couldn’t announce their divorce while she was filming The Blind Side because “we’re so high-profile.” Er, Jesse? We think you mean she is so high-profile. No one ever thought your Celebrity Apprentice ass was anywhere near the A-list except when you were standing next to Sandra.

According to McGee’s friend, James’ claim that he and Bullock were separated “gave her the green light” to seduce him with her tattooed corpse limbs.

McGee’s ex-husband also claims that James told McGee that he and Sandra had a sham marriage and that they were planning to divorce after The Blind Side came out. However, things obviously did not turn out that way.

According to McGee’s ex-husband, Alt Skeletor was fame-obsessed and figured she was either going to end up with James and “live that lifestyle” or get her fame and money some other way. McGee’s husband said, “this is her payday.” And, apparently it is a payday for all of McGee’s friends since they are giving interviews right and left.

You know, Michelle, for someone who has a tattoo on their forehead, you seem to be pretty naive about how the world works.