Now Octomom Says She Was Never Going To Lose Her Home

TMZ caught up with Nadya “Octomom” Suleman to ask how her housing troubles were going but Octomom delivered a surprising octo-twist: her family is not in danger of losing their home!

That’s good news for everyone since it means that Octomom and her 300 children won’t be put out on the street and it also means we will be spared the threat of an ocotomom porn. Thank God!

Octomom told TMZ, “everything has been lies, made up, catastrophized…we’re fine, we’re not losing out house, it’s just ridiculous.”

However, TMZ says that Octomom’s landlord, Amer Haddadin, is still saying that if he is not paid back today on the payments that Octomom missed this month, he is going to kick Octomom out.

Hm, we don’t want to “catastrophize” anything, so we will just trust Octomom on this one.