Paula Abdul May Bring Mobs of Flashers Into Your Living Room

At long last, Paula Abdul might finally be able to remove herself from the unemployment rolls. Abdul, who’s been scanning the “Help Wanted” ads since abruptly abandoning her American Idol judge’s post way back in August, is now reportedly in talks to star in a new series, in which she would choreograph massive dancing flash mobs in public locations.

If all goes according to plan, Abdul will be collaborating with High School Musical director Kenny Ortega, with the people behind The Biggest Loser producing. Paula’s last bid for gainful employment, on a proposed revamp of venerable talent show Star Search, fell through last week.

Paula Abdul, creating chaos and confusion in the public square? Sounds like a natural; doesn’t that pretty much happen on any day that ends with “Y” already?

Straight up now, tell us in the comments section: Are you loving the idea of Paula Abdul leading packs of crazed dancers through the streets to mess with everyone’s heads?

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