Sarah Palin Will Soon Be Winking Her Way Into Your Living Room Again

Noted media-basher Sarah Palin starring on her own reality show? You betcha. The Discovery Channel has all but signed the former Vice Presidential candidate up for the reality show that she’s been shopping around lately, and is expected to make an official announcement shortly.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska, which will be produced by Survivor honcho Mark Burnett, will focus on the one-time Alaskan governor as she introduces the world at large to her wondrous, wintry wonderland, with a focus on the characters, attractions and traditions of the 49th state. Does this mean that we’ll finally get to see her field-dress a moose on TV? And hunt wolves from a helicopter? Let’s all keep our fingers crossed…

The show will preportedly fetch $1 million per episode for the self-proclaimed hockey mom. Which hopefully means that she’ll be able to afford proper note cards in the future.

Will you tune in, if just out of morbid curiosity? Let us know in the comments section.