‘Teen Mom’ Star Isn’t Going To Let Pesky Child Stop Her From Binge Drinking

Maci Bookout, star of MTV’s 16 And Pregnant and Teen Mom, may have a child, but she isn’t going to let that stop her from having a totally tubular time during spring break.

The 18-year-old mother of one put on her cutest mismatched bikini and headed down to an unidentified warm spot (looks like Florida) to soak up some sun and show off what looks like a tattoo of the U.S. Constitution on her back. Remember your right to pop out babies before you can even vote, kids!

We’re not saying that having a kid means that you should hand in your Allowed To Have Fun card, but Maci should’ve learned by now that having a young child means that you can’t run around and take beer bong hits with your child-less friends. Just because you dumped your kid with a babysitter doesn’t mean that you can get blackout drunk like your responsibilty-free amigos.

We just hope that the tattoos, drinking and baby-having don’t turn Maci onto the “Michelle McGee” bath of life.

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